I'm Bree! I am a 27 year old Mexican artist who finds inspiration everywhere! I specialize in digital artwork and can draw in several different styles. I love designing products to sell in my shop and am hoping to pursue a career in merchandising!If you wish to contact me, please do so thru Twitter or Instagram. I kindly ask you only contact me via Email for business inquiries!

About Me!

My name is Brianna, I'm 27 years old and am a self-taught digital artist! In high school, I decided art was the career I wanted to pursue the most, and in 2017 I graduated from Chandler-Gilbert Community College with an Associate's in Art.I have many passions besides art, but my biggest ones for sure are Disney Parks and video games. Back in 2020, I was given the opportunity to participate in a digital "it's a small world!" exhibition on the Walt Disney Family Museum's website. In late 2021, my piece was chosen to be part of a physical exhibition on-site that lasted a few weeks! It was an amazing opportunity to be part of, and I am forever thankful WDFM hosted the exhibition!My love of Disney Parks goes back to before I was even born! Disneyland has been apart of my family's history since the very beginning. I am a diehard Disneyland and Disney California Adventure fan to the point where I know so much history, I'm always pleasantly surprised when I learn something new these days. Many rides at the parks have heavily influenced my art style, those being Splash Mountain, America Sings, "it's a small world!" and Soarin' Over California.

Like I mentioned before, I also love video games! I play primarily Nintendo games! My favorites include EarthBound, Splatoon and The Legend of Zelda. I get a lot of inspiration from those games' fun and whimsical styles! From the moment I was given my first console, which was the Nintendo Wii, I knew video games were going to become a big part of my life. How right was I, as I've met SO many amazing friends through the games I currently play!One game that isn't Nintendo, but has influenced my style a lot, is Cuphead! I am a sucker for hand drawn animation, so it was only a matter of time before that game sucked me in. You can find art anywhere these days, it's truly amazing what some passionate people can accomplish!Now that I've revealed myself to be a huge nerd, it will be of no shock to find out I also sell my artwork at local Arizona conventions. I have vendored at Saboten Con, Taiyou Con, Game On Expo and most recently, Phoenix Fan Fusion (formerly known as Phoenix Comicon). I don't vend at Saboten, Taiyou, or Game On anymore, but I do plan on vending at Fan Fusion again, as I renewed my booth for 2023! See you there!

Meet Blue the Raccoon!

Blue is an original character (or more commonly referred to as an "OC") of mine! Her birthday is April 18, 2019, which is the same day I created her!
She is my mascot for all my art stuff, so you'll be seeing a lot of her around!
Blue is commander-in-chief at a small hangar deep in the woods surrounding Grizzly Peak. In case you forget, the three stripes on her jacket sleeves display it proudly!
She is a very optimistic raccoon and loves making new friends!
When I created Blue, I was actually painting a little fox figure at a pottery studio. I made the fox look like a raccoon and gave it pilot goggles. It wasn't really my intention to create a new OC that day, but this one just really stood out compared to my other OCs I made in the past. I decided to draw her and make her a full-on pilot. But where would she fly around? Where would she live? That's where I connected to her story to my favorite place in the world, Grizzly Peak located in Disney California Adventure.

Ceramic Blue from the pottery studio!

Commission Info

Do you plan on commissioning me? Please review my terms of service and FAQ before placing an order!

I offer two different styles for commissions: Lined and Lineless. When you order a commission from me, please be sure to specify which style you would like! There is no upcharge for either, see the examples tab to compare the styles.

Icon (Headshot)$35
Half Body$55
Full Body$65

Please view my Examples page before placing an order!•Icons are presented on a square canvas with a solid color background.
•Backgrounds start at +$10. Price may vary depending on how complex the piece is. If no background is given upon ordering commission, final piece will have a solid color background of your choice.
•Add an additional character to any base for +$20 to the total cost

Terms of Service

Please read my terms of service in its entirety before contacting me to place an order.

Payment must come BEFORE I start drawing. I will not start a piece until payment has been made in full. I will also NOT hold your place in my queue. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE FUNDS READY TO SEND, I WILL PASS ON YOUR COMMISSION UNTIL YOU HAVE SUFFICIENT FUNDS! That being said, I do close my commissions from time-to-time when I have a busy schedule. Please always ask if my commissions are open or if I have any slots available via DMs on Twitter or Discord.

YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO SELL COMMISSIONED WORK! This includes commercial use, NFTs or any other type of way to sell/use my work for profit without proper permission.

I have the right to refuse any commission for any reason. I will not draw any fetish or NSFW. I also have the right to refuse to work with you in the future. Please visit my FAQ for specifics on what I will and will not draw.

No refunds once payment has been made and/or drawing has been completed. I try not to cancel commissions, however, I understand certain situations where a refund or cancellation may be needed. While it is very rare, there are times where I may need to cancel the commission myself, so please be aware that may happen at any time for any reason.

Throughout the drawing process, I will send you updated sketch lines to ensure I am drawing exactly what you want. If you agree to the sketch lines I send, I will continue on with the piece. Don’t be afraid to ask for edits and changes; the earlier you speak up, the easier it is on both of us!

If you want any changes made to the final product, I will do up to TWO changes. Keep in mind by this point, you have approved the drawing process. This does not include recoloring certain elements to the piece, but me having to physically re-draw an area.

Unless a deadline is given, I will work at my own pace. Turnaround can be as little as a day or a week. It really just depends on my schedule, but I will be in contact with you daily if I am not able to complete a piece within that time frame! Please don't repeatedly ask when a piece will be finished.

Unless the drawing is of an original character you or someone else created, I may sell the commission in my shop as a print or accessory. This does not apply to original characters, only already existing IP.

Before contacting me via Twitter, Instagram or Email for any questions or concerns, please check my FAQ located on my carrd homepage.


Got a question? Maybe I can answer it for you here!

Am I allowed to commercially sell and produce merchandise of the commission(s) I buy?No. You do NOT have permission to sell, edit, alter or trace any commissions you may buy. However, you may print a commission professionally for PERSONAL USE ONLY.

What won't you draw?I am strictly a SFW (safe for work) artist. Meaning I will not draw anything that is not family-friendly. This includes porn, gore, kinks or fetishes of any kind. I also will not draw complex designs, like overly detailed characters or outfits. This also includes robots and mech.
I have the right to refuse a commission for ANY reason, especially if I feel it is not SFW.

What WILL you draw?I specialize in drawing animal characters, however I can mimic many styles, so I am not limited to only animals. I am willing to draw well-known, already existing characters or some creations of your own! If you decide to get an original character (OC) that does not belong to you commissioned, please make sure you have permission from the owner to do so beforehand. Don't be discouraged to ask if I am able to draw non-animal characters! Sometimes human or personified characters are easy for me to draw as well! It fully depends on the complexity of the character's design.
I can simplify characters that may be harder for me to draw into what I refer to as a "small world" style. If you're familiar with the ride, you know the characters in it are made up of basic shapes. If you are unsure whether I will draw something, please get in touch with me!

Am I allowed to upload and post the commission(s) to social media?Of course! I will supply you with a minimum of two different versions of any commission(s) you may get. One will be the un-watermarked version for private use, the other will have a watermark on it. If you decide to post the commission(s), I ask you use the watermarked copy to prevent art theft.

I found some artwork of yours I like. Am I allowed to use it as an icon, post it or use it in other misc. media?While I always appreciate people taking the time to tell me they enjoy my artwork, I prefer people to NOT use ANY of my work as icons, use in projects, or re-post for clout without talking to me first. My answer may vary, as I will use my best judgement depending on the situation. If I find any of my work stolen or traced, I will ask you to remove it. If you commission me for an icon or project, that is entirely different and you will already know you are allowed to post my artwork!

Are all your commissions digital? Do you ever do traditional (hand drawn on paper) commissions?
Yes, all my commissions are digital. Some of you may recall back in 2020 I did traditional commissions, but I do not plan on bringing that back.

Artwork Examples

Here are examples of artwork I have drawn, including some commissions I've taken in the past!
Icons are my most popular type of commission!

Icon Examples

I offer lined and lineless versions of all commissions! The style choice is up to you, the price won't change!
Lineless commissions also have the option for lined accents.
Please let me know upon ordering exactly how you'd like your commission to look!

Half Body Examples

Full Body Examples

Add a character in your piece for an extra $20 to the total cost!
Backgrounds start at an extra $10!
Character reference sheets fall into a second character category if you decide to do a front + back view.


I'm Bree! I am a 27 year old Mexican artist who finds inspiration mostly in animation and video games! I graduated college with an art degree in 2017 and specialize in digital artwork along with creating merchandise. I have also participated in several zines within the Splatoon community!

Page Artwork

I specialize in drawing animal characters, but also enjoy the occasional humanoid squids of Splatoon! You'll notice I have a very cartoony style and mostly focus on characters. I am excellent at style matching, as you can see in some pieces below. I have two main styles I draw in (lined art or lineless), so you can have an idea of what a finished piece from myself may look like depending on the style.Artwork is separated by year. The more you scroll, the older the artwork.
Tap a piece to get a closer look!






There are more examples of my character work under the Commissions tab on the home page.


Most merchandise pictured below was made for my own online store, Zippy Art. The link to my shop is on the home page of this carrd, scroll down to the bottom of the page to get back there. Items made for other peoples' shops are specified.
I love to make merchandise for niche characters, since I find myeslf liking those who tend to not get much merch! I'm sure you'll notice I mostly produce Splatoon, niche Disney Parks and Cuphead themed merchandise. I have been running my online store since summer 2021 and have learned so much since then! I'm always excited to try new merchandise!

Hard enamel pin of Captain from Splatoon 3. The pin is 1.5" and has my shop's logo screen printed on the back.
Left image is the mockup, right is the final result!

Two more Splatoon pins in my arsenal. The Agent 3/Agent 8 pin on the left is a fully customized pin, as it is 3" tall and 4" wide. Little Buddy definitely lives up to his name, as he is only 1.5" in height!
Both feature my shop logo engraved on the back.

So many charms! Deciding what type of charm a design will end up being is great fun. The ideas are literally endless! Below are examples of different types of charms I've had produced.

Shaker charms are the most complex type of charm to design, but I always love how they turn out!
I like to make each of my shaker charms as unique as possible.
For example, the "Shaker" shaker charm has a 3D effect on the goggles!

A pencil bag I designed. It was inspired by the sound vibrations scene in The Three Caballeros. I advertise mine as a pin bag people can use to carry around Disney Parks.

Below are some examples of merch mockups.

I have quite a handful of stickers available in my shop, but here are some of my favorites.

Back in 2021, I designed baseball hats with the Superstar Limo logo embroidered on them. I drew the logo myself, which was no simple task. I'm very thankful the hats were a huge success!

Before I started my own shop, I designed pins for scottydogpins on Instagram. She had the pins produced and I did the artwork for them.

Zine Experience

As previously mentioned, I have participated in several Splatoon-themed fanzines over the years! Most of my credits were for page artist, however Hero Shot Zine is the excption, as I was the host of that project.

Zine NameRoleZine TypeYear
Splatoon Meme ZinePage ArtistDigital2021
Friends For All Seasons ZinePage ArtistDigital2021
Hero Shot ZineHost, Page Artist, Merchandise ArtistPhysical2022
Arty SiegeWave 1 Tableturf Card ArtistDigital2023
Rising Hues ZinePage ArtistDigital2023
Agent 24 ZineMerchandise ModPhysical2023

See most of my zine-related work below:

Completed Zine Artwork

As more projects get completed, I will be able to share more artwork!

Rising Hues Zine (2023, digital) Page Artist

Arty Siege (2023, digital) Wave 1 Card Artist
(I only drew the artwork, the cards were designed by the host of the project!)

Hero Shot Zine (2022, physical) Contributor Pin Designer

Hero Shot Zine (2022, physical) Page Artist

Splatoon Meme Zine (2021, digital) Page Artist

Artwork Coming Soon:
Agent 24 Zine (2023)
(Zine artwork can only be shared in full once the projects are completed.)

Zine Mod Work

Hero Shot Zine (2022)

Artwork I created for Hero Shot Zine's social media pages. These were put on posts to inform artists and people who purchased the zine how the process was going. I was given a style guide designed by my co-host and followed it accordingly, so every post was consistent with style.

As host of Hero Shot Zine, I was tasked with more than just drawing promotional artwork. I helped:

  • Sort through artist and writer applications

  • Write and publish posts on Twitter

  • Set up the Big Cartel website

  • Ship packages out

  • Keep things organized and on schedule within the Discord server

  • Communicate with contributors on what was expected of them in that moment

Pokédogs Zine (2022)

For a brief moment, I was a lead artist mod on PokéDogs Zine. I designed a couple of mod icons, social media posts, and character reference sheets for the zine's mascots. I dropped very early in the zine process due to personal reasons (which is why I cannot use it as a credit), but feel the artwork I created for the project is up to my current standard.

When I was the lead artist mod for short time for PokéDogs Zine, I helped:

  • Create artwork for social media posts

  • Create reference sheets for the zine mascots

  • Create icons for the mod team

Agent 24 Zine (2023)

I am currently the merchandise mod for Agent 24 Zine and it's still in production. When I am able to, I will update with my work for the zine!